Columbus Statue and CTIM Hard Line

Dear Followers of Ciao St. Louis,

I just recieved this email from a member of CTIM
Email :


Rio, Honestly , not too good job for your comments regarding the Columbus statue removal in St. Louis published in the Ciao St. Louis FB page.
We, as the Associations and organization such as Niaf, Osia, Unico, IAOVC, CTIM, Joint civic Italian American committee in Chicago , many others, and the majority of the Italian American community in the States are fighting for this cause, and we have people that go against our People and Heritage ?

Especially after the nice video trailer made about the little Italy on the Hill, that I liked.

Sorry my friend, but I am deeply disappointed!!!

The above organizations arguments for keeping these statues are ill informed on the current affairs in America today.  They think this is about what Columbus did 500 hundred years ago. The protest is about what is happening in society today that has not changed much in the past 500 years.

I was being defamed by Italian Americans and Italian American Organizations calling me a Mafia Boss, and was committing outrageous acts of crime. I have never been accused, arrested or charged for these crimes. I have not had as little as a speeding ticket in 10 years. I was knighted by the Italian Government for involvement in the Italian Community and that was the start of a slander campaign by Michael Cross of St. Louis.

Not a single organization came to my defense. Why should I tow the line for some antiquated organization with a poor excuse to hold up a statue?

Below are the affidavits and injunction against the people who defamed me.  Please contact and tell them what you think.  Black Lives Matter


Rio Vitale

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